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Solo and Duo Works

'The second tear says:' (2015) - Guitar, voice and live electronics
'le socrú' (2013/14) - Viola/Violin solo (live electronics effects patch available)
'Pearly' (2012) - Piano and Electronics (fixed stereo media)
'Howl, sough, moan, sigh' (2011) - Viola and Soprano (amplified)
'No trouble in South Kensington' (2011) - Violoncello solo
'Picture Something' (2010) - Violoncello and Live Electronics
'Concealing Isis' (2009/10) - Piano solo
'Un/Able to Negate Reason' (2009) - Violoncello and Live Electronics

Acousmatic, Remixes etc.

'Musique Criquette' (2015) - Fixed media

'Magna' (2014) - Handbells and live electronics
'Dalston Bunker' (2013) - Electronica (IDM)
'Could you ask a question, please' (2010) - Electronica (IDM)
'Guard' (2010) - Electronics (fixed stereo media)
'Broken Flames and Little Wind' (2010) - Electronica (Remix)
'Guard' (2010) - Fixed media
'Mosaic Manifesto' (2010) - Electronica (Remix)
'Sustain/Divide' (2009) - Fixed media

Chamber Works

'(W)Edge' (2015) - Piano trio and live electronics

'Scáil Cruach' (2014) - Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Trumpet in C, Trombone, 2 Violins, Viola, Violoncello and Live Electronics
'Transience' (2014) - Piano, 'piano bowers', Electronics (fixed multichannel spatialized media)
'Scáth' (2014) - Saxophone sextet (4 Sopranos and 2 Tenor)
'Chamber Music - for Alvin Lucier' (2013) - Piano Trio and Electronics (fixed media piano installation)
'Occupy the Pianos' (2012) - Two pianos, Tam Tams and Electronics (fixed multichannel spatial media)
'What will we do?' (2010) - Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Cello and Voice actor
'Broken Flames & Little Wind' (2010) - Clarinet (dbl. bass), Piano, Violin, Violoncello
'Jigsaws and Jitters' (2010) - Clarinet, Cor Anglais, Soprano Sax, Bassoon, Electric Guitar and Live Electronics
'Between Shards and Streams' (2009) - Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Harp, Violin and Violoncello
'He broke from them, and then he broke from himself' (2008/09) - Clarinet, Bassoon (dbl. contra), Horn in F, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Violoncello

Other work and projects (Conceptual, Collaboration, Installation, Theatre etc.)

Hommage without permission (LMY) (2015 and ongoing) - Piano and live electronics, devised and developed with Antoine Francoise
'London 1:14' (2014) - Audiovisual music theatre piece for Piano, Electronics (fixed multichannel spatialized media), Multiscreen Live Visuals
'Partial Gathering' (2009 -) - Violoncello and Live Electronics duo
'The Summer Experiment' (2008 - 2009) - Interdisciplinary collaborative project
Untitled (Frozen lake and forest recording) (2012) - Installation for 8 speakers.
New Music Incubator collaboration with Edmund Finnis, Lucy Railton, Erik Peters and Mark Fell.
'The Interspersed Vacancies' (2011) - Installation for Tristan Bates Theatre
'Coffee Table of Destruction' (2011) - Digital release with M. Byrne (SADFAY)
'Four Stories' (2011) - Theatre monologues based on a game of Chinese Whispers. New Music Incubator collaboration.
'Kaleidoscope Variations' (2011) - Video collaboration with artist Elisabeth Lecourt and Partial Gathering
'Double Laptop and Portanoise' (2011) - Digital release with C. Fyans (SARC), Live Electronics and Circuit Bent Instruments