|| News and Upcoming Events ||

May 7 / 2017 // 

'Mise en Abyme' with Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain // Premiere of 'cuimhne' for piano quintet and multimedia

Maison du Concert | Neuchatel, Switzerland

'Mise en Abyme' is the culmination of an 18 month collaboration between Ruaidhri and the Swiss composer, Benoit Moreau. Also featuring performances of Ruaidhri's piano trio (W)Edge and Michael Gordon's work 'Industry' for solo cello and electronics.

Please visit here for more details.

May 23 / 2017 // 

BKA Theatre | Berlin

June 5 / 2017 //

City University | London

June 8 / 2017 //  

University of Surrey | Guildford

Piano and multimedia performance with Zubin Kanga // 

Premiere of new work for piano and electronics with acclaimed Australian pianist, Zubin Kanga // a contemporary 'remix' of Ravel's 'Sonatine'.

Programme also features work by Julian Day, Damien Ricketson, Neil Luck, Kate Moore and others.


 || Past Events ||

January 30 / 2017 //

'Pearly' at Haute École de Musique de Lausanne

October 10 / 2016 //

iaMrhinoandRuin live set @ Art Panorama

Genesis Cinema | East London


September 20 / 2016 //

Hommage without Permission :: LP release

Listen below to a recent interview with fellow composer, Louis d'Heudieres about the upcoming LP and get a preview of 'Hommage without Permission' :: Live from Kammer Klang at Cafe Oto in April 2016 (recording courtesy of BBC).

August 22 / 2016 //

'i am rhino and ruin' /|\ 'Stations' LP release

'i am rhino and ruin is the pet project of Irish musician and composer, Ruaidhri Mannion. Based in London since 2008 and completing a PhD at the Royal College of Music, Mannion is a classically trained composer whose experimental classical and electroacoustic music shares much of its DNA with pop and electronica.'

June 29 / 2016 // 

Contemporary Piano Concert

Royal College of Music | London

Performance with pianist, Antoine Francoise (Ensemble Nikel) of their jointly-devised work for piano, live electronics and visuals 'Hommage without Permission (LMY)' at popular monthly experimental music night, Kammer Klang. Details of Summer 2016 record release to be announced at the performance.

Also featuring works by Stefan Prins, Gilbert Nouno, Pierre Jodlowski and others.


April 5 / 2016 // 

Kammer Klang

Café OTO | London

Performance with pianist, Antoine Francoise (Ensemble Nikel) of their jointly-devised work for piano, live electronics and visuals 'Hommage without Permission (LMY)' at popular monthly experimental music night, Kammer Klang. Details of Summer 2016 record release to be announced at the performance.

Also featuring performances by Perks Ensemble and electronic composer, John Wall. This live performance will be broadcast on 'Hear and Now' BBC Radio 3.



April 9 / 2016 //

Transmission Festival

Die Orgelfabrik | Karlsruhe, Germany

Some of Ruaidhri's IDM and Glitch music will be presented at this year's Transmission Festival, as part of an acousmatic concert curated by Antonio D'Amato. 


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March 15 / 2016 //

'i am rhino and ruin' /|\ Debut EP release

Ruaidhri's pet-project of experimental-pop & electronica is out on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. Visit the 'i am rhino and ruin' page for more details. 

February 2 / 2016 // 

'Tribunal of the Dusk' 

White Cube Gallery, Bermondsey | London

Ruaidhri has collaborated with  up-and-coming artist, Eloise Hawser to create a performance installation for rare and exotic electronic instruments including Melotone, Miller Organ, Ondes Martenot and Electronics. Part of the 'History of Nothing' exhibition, curated by Hannah Gruy. Titled after a 1962 film by Eduardo Paolozzi, the exhibition explores the idea of the 'supersized' American dream and also features the work of Thomas Bayrle, Katherine Bernhardt, Mike Bouchet, Nicholas Cheveldave, Anthea Hamilton, Zak Kitnick, Josh Kline, Josephine Meckseper, Eduardo Paolozzi and Timur Si Qin.

December 10 / 2015 //

'Attack - Sustain - Release'

Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall | Royal College of Music | London

"I've always felt that night doesn't fall. Night rises." - James Turrell

An absorbing programme of live visuals and music for strings, pianos and electronics that probes the brittleness of sonic textures found at dynamic extremes, and the purity found in between. Curated by RCM composer and researcher, Ruaidhri Mannion.

Featuring Mateusz Rettner (piano), Antoine Françoise (piano), Jen Rian (violin), Zoé Saubat (violoncello) and Ruaidhri Mannion (live electronics).

September 26 - October 4 / 2015 //

Matrix15 at Experimentalstudio de SWR

Experimentalstudio de SWR | Freiberg, Germany

Ruaidhri is selected for Experimentalstudio de SWR's Matrix 15 to present his work at public a masterclass with Mark André and study with renowned composers Brice Pauset, Hans Thomalla, Hèctor Parra and Hans Tutschku. Workshops and performances will be given by Ensemble Recherche and Experimental Ensemble.


October 14 - 16 / 2015 //

Performances of (W)Edge for Piano Trio and Live Electronics

VIS-á-VIS on tour | London, Vienna and Basel

Please note these concerts have been postponed. More details will be announced soon.

(W)Edge will recieve its UK premiere in December at 'Attack - Sustain - Release'.

////  ////  ////  ////  ////  ////  ////  ////  ////  ////  ////  

Following the successful Swiss premiere of Ruaidhri's new work for piano trio and live electronics in June at the Cully Classique Festival in Switzerland, (W)Edge's will be performed by Alrick Archambault (violin), Zoé Saubat (violoncello) and Pauli Jämsä (piano) at the Royal College of Music in London, Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna and Hochschule für Musik in Basel.


July 18 / 2015 //

Premiere of 'The second tear says:'

Thornham Magna Music Festival | Suffolk, England

Ruaidhri returns to Thornham Music Festival to perform a specially written new electroacoustic work for guitar, voice and electronics. This special adaptation for the premiere will also feature a guest appearance by the French cellist, Corentin Chassard. The festival also includes works by Xenakis, Sciarrino and Ed Finnis. For more details visit Music at Thornham.



June 18 - 29 / 2015 //

Premiere of (W)Edge for piano trio and live electronics

VIS-à-VIS at Cully Classique Festival | Lavaux, Switzerland

Ruaidhri has been selected for the VIS-à-VIS collaborative programme at the Cully Classique Festival in Switzerland. World premiere of (W)Edge and working under the mentorship of renowned Austrian composer, Beat Furrer.

Concert on June 25. Tickets available here.

June 2015 //

Occupy the Pianos, UK and London Premiere

Download the full performance throughout June

It's been one year since the London premiere of Occupy the Pianos at its namesake festival, curated by British pianist and composer, Rolf Hind. You can download and listen to the performance below, given by the Francoise-Green Piano Duo and the composer (electronics). Available until June 30.

April 26 & 27 / 2015 //

Piano and Live Electronics (Antoine Francoise & Ruaidhri Mannion)

April 26 // Hecht Auditorium | Haifa, Israel

April 27 // Felictja Blumental Music Centre | Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Israeli premiere of new work in progress for piano and electronics, Hommage a LMY, devised and performed by Ruaidhri and his long-time collaborator, Antoine Francoise. These two performances in Israel, part of Ensemble Nikel current season (*please note this is a change to the Michael Wertmuller concert*), will also feature Constellations I-III for piano and sine waves by Chiyoko Szlavnics and Luigi Nono's seminal work ...Sofferte onde serene...

Listen to the UK premiere of Hommage a LMY:

April 2 / 2015 //

Laptop~Live Electronics Set at SONICA FM Residency Launch Party

Machines Room at Limewharf | London

Guest appearance by Ruaidhri, performing solo live electronics set with Bastard Assignments. Sonica FM will be resident at the awesome Machines Room maker space for the month of April, broadcasting Tuesday through Saturday with the station open to the public every lunchtime. Launch party performances from more Bastard Assignments artists, Blanc Sceol, Harmergeddon, Robbie Judkins ('Ears Glow' Tape-2-Vinyl DJ set).

February 1 / 2015 //

Re:Sound {A} {E} {F} || Laurent Estoppey on Tour

St. Leonard's | Shoreditch, London

A rare opportunity to hear Swiss sax maestro Laurent Estoppey during his UK Tour alongside London-based musicians Antoine Francoise (piano), Colin Alexander (cello) and Ruaidhri Mannion (laptops/electronics). Featuring world premieres, multimedia works and group improvisations.

January 26 / 2015 //

'Cuimhne' workshop with Fidelio Trio at Rambert

Rambert Dance Company | London

Ruaidhri is invited to attend the Rambert Music Open Day to work with the Fidelio Trio on his new piano trio 'Cuimhne', and meet the dancers and choreographers at Rambert.


January 8 - 10 / 2015 //

Royal Musical Association Research Students' Conference

University of Bristol | Bristol, England

A new adaptation of Ruaidhri's work 'Broken Flames and Little Wind' for Mixed Quartet and Electronics will be featured at the presitigious RMA Research Students' conference, performed by the Bristol Ensemble. Founded in 1874, the Royal Musical Association is the foremost society in the UK dedicated to the study of music. Its principal objectives are the advancement of scholarship and scholarly publication. Workshops will be held in the Victoria Rooms at the University of Bristol on Friday the 9th of January with a concert performance by the Bristol Ensemble at 7pm.


November 21 / 2014 //

Swiss premiere of Pearly for Piano and Electronics

Conservatoire Populaire de Musique, Danse et Théatre | Geneva, Switzerland

Performed by Antoine Francoise (Ensemble Contrechamps, NEC). Programme includes works by Peter Ablinger, Luigi Nono, Stefan Prins and Vlad Maistorovici. Book your tickets here.

October 28 - 31 / 2014 //

Premiere of Scáil Cruach for mixed Octet and Live Electronics

Premiere of [le socrú] for Violin and Live Electronics

Soundings Festival | Austrian Cultural Forum and Royal College of Music, London

This October Ruaidhri will be a featured composer at the Soundings Festival in London, curated by Mary Dullea of the Fidelio Trio. This year's featured composers will also include Joanna Lee and Tom Coult from the UK alongside Julia Purgina, Arturo Fuentes and Simon Vosecek from Austria. Ruaidhri has written a new octet for the occasion and Darragh Morgan will also perform an adaptation of [le socrú] for violin and live electronics, first performed by Stephen Upshaw (viola) at the Phantom Fuel Exhibition in 2013.

Concerts will take place on Thursday 30 October, 7pm at the ACF London and on Friday 31 October, 7.30pm at the Royal College of Music. Please see the Austrian Cultural Forum's website for more information on open rehearsals and public masterclasses with composer Piers Hellawell throughout the week.

August 9 / 2014 //

Matisse 'Cut Outs' Exhibition | In collaboration with The Mercury Quartet

Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern, London

Interactive family event with live improvised performance with members of the Mercury Quartet and Ruaidhri Mannion (Live Electronics) inspired by Matisse's 'Jazz' book. Experience the immersive Matisse Families Gallery installation, have a go at larger-than-still-life drawing in the Turbine Hall and watch artist films inspired by colour.

July 19 / 2014 //

Premiere of new work 'Magna' for Handbells and Live Electronics

Thornham Magna Music Festival | Suffolk, England

Written for specially this year's Summer Music Festival, performed by the composer. Also featuring performances by Partial Gathering for Cello and Electronics (Corentin Chassard and Ruaidhri Mannion).

July 12, 13 and 14 / 2014 //

Classique sur le Roc Festival

L'ile du Guesclin, France

July 12 // Partial Gathering perform Saariaho's 'Petals' for Violincello and electronics alongside original works.

July 13 // Solo electronic performances by the composer and improvised electroacoustic performances with Gwenaelle Rouger and Leslie Boulin Raulet.

July 14 // Gwenaelle Rouger gives the French premiere of 'Pearly' for piano and electronics.

June 27 / 2014 //

Premiere of Transience | From the Soundhouse

Royal College of Music - London

New work for piano, bowed piano and 8 loudspeakers performed by Gwenaelle Rouger, the Guastalla Quartet and Mark Knoop. Other works by Saariaho, Michael Beil, Michael Oliva and Luc Ferrari.

May 30 to June 1 / 2014 //

'Occupy the Pianos' Festival

St John's Smith Square - London

UK premiere of 'Occupy the Pianos' performed by the Francoise-Green Piano Duo on Sunday the 1st of June at 7.30pm - finale to the Occupy the Pianos Festival, curated by award-winning pianist and composer, Rolf Hind. The work was originally commissioned by the Association du Nicati Concours for the Biennale Bern in 2012. This extraordinary weekend festival takes it's name from Ruaidhri's original work and is part of the 300th anniversary celebrations of St John's Smith Square.


May 21 / 2014 //

'The Exponential Horn: In Search of the Perfect Sound

Science Museum - London

Ahead of the UK premiere of Occupy the Pianos, extracts from the piece will be played through the colossal 'exponential horn'. This full-size reconstruction of the gigantic 'Denman horn' will be the centerpiece of an innovative new art installation by Aleksander Kolkowski in the museum's Virgin Media Studio. Alongside the installation will be a wide-ranging programme of events and audio demonstrations, featuring live broadcasts, sound art and archive radio footage from contributors including the BBC History, Resonance 104.4FM, BBC Radio 3, Archive of the Now, London College of Communication, Royal College of Music, and Royal College of Art. Please visit the Science Museum website for further details.

April 3 / 2014 //

Birmingham Conservatoire Saxophone Ensemble perform Scáth

Birmingham Conservatoire - Birmingham, England

The Conservatoire's saxophone ensemble performs Scáth, recently premiered at the Royal Academy in London and also works by two of the seminal composers of the 20th Century, while exploring the influence of folk music in the work.

March 12 / 2014 //

Premiere of London 1:14 | Great Exhibitionists Series

Inner Parry Rooms and Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall - Royal College of Music, London

LONDON 1:14 ~422000 explores the subtle miasma of our modern surveillance culture.Anew music theatre work for piano, electronics and live visuals in an unorthodox performance environment. Performed by Gwenaelle Rouger and video artwork by Sara Hibbert. Details available on the Royal College of Music website.

March 10 / 2014 //

Premiere of Scáth | 'Sensing Spaces' Architecture Reimagined

Royal Academy of Arts - London

"Seven architectural practices from six countries and four continents. 23,000 square feet. 72 days. One monumental exhibition."

Premiere of Scáth for saxophone sextet, written in response to Grafton architects' work and performed from within the installation. Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in April 2014. Read the Guardian newspaper's review of this groundbreaking exhibition here. Tickets available on the RAA website.

March 9 / 2014 //

Pearly for Piano and Electronics

The Forge - London

Joseph Houston will perform Pearly for piano and electronics as part of his 'On Memory' Tour. Pre-concert interview with Ruaidhri Mannion, Joseph Houston, Christian Mason and Michael Zev-Gordon starts at 3.15pm chaired by Jon Hargreaves.

February 28 / 2014 //

Partial Gathering | Laptop and Cello performance with Corentin Chassard

National Portrait Gallery - London

The cello and electronics duo return to the National Portrait Gallery for the first time since the project's inception in 2009. An exciting mixture of new works for solo cello and free improvisation with live electronics amidst the stunning collection of the gallery looks set to thrill audiences for this latest installment of the National Portrait Gallery's 'Late Shift'. Free to public and beginning at 6.30 pm.



February 18 / 2014 //

'Introducing Ivan Fedele' | Music for Piano and Live Electronics

East Parry Room - Royal College of Music, London

Director of the famous Venice Biennale, Ivan Fedele is a well-known and influential figure across Europe, however his music has rarely crossed the channel. This is the UK premiere of his work for piano and electronics 'Due notturni con figura' performed by Gwenaelle Rouger (soundinitiative) and Ruaidhri Mannion.

December 17 / 2013 //

'Present Tense' - New Music for Piano

The Forge - Camden, London

Award-winning pianist, Christopher Guild will perform Concealing Isis for amplified, prepared piano. The programme will also include a new work for piano and electronics by Piers Tattersall and Jonathan Harvey's Tombeau de Messiaen.


December 7 / 2013 //

'Re:Sound' Electronic Music night

Dalston Bunker - Dalston, London

A solo electroacoustic performance by the composer exploring combinations of saturated spectrums and the digitally clinical sound world of IDM as part of Re:Sound Electronic-music focus concert in a genuine World War 2 bunker.

*New electroacoustic compositions and performances with works by Ruaidhri Mannion, Jason Noghani, Louis D'Heudieres and others.

*Live audiovisual coding by Tom Byrne

*Interactive ice sound installation

*Film chamber

*DJ sets til late

March 26 / 2013 //

Premiere of [le socrú] for Viola

Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art - London

American violist, Stephen Upshaw, will perform Ruaidhri's new work [le socrú] for solo viola which is written in response to Navid Nuur's ongoing exhibition in the space. The performance will be recorded for broadcast on Resonance FM.


March 3 / 2013 //

'Chamber Music' for Fidelio Trio at New Music Dublin Festival

National Concert Hall - Dublin, Ireland

Ruaidhri's work has been selected for public workshop and masterclass with the Fidelio Trio and renowned British composer, Tansy Davies. See the New Music Dublin website for futher details on this and performances from the Crash Ensemble, RTE Symphony Orchestra, Christian Lindberg and others.


November 2012

'Pearly' is featured on the latest edition of conceptual music e-zone CNCPTN. Click below to read about the concepts behind this work for piano and electronics. The score is now also available to buy from the Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland.

September 14 / 2012 //

Premiere of Occupy the Pianos at Bern Biennale

Musikschule Konzervatorium Bern - Bern, Switzerland

Premiere of new work for piano duo and electronics at Biennale Bern Festival, Switzerland. Commissioned by the Association du Concours Nicati, performed by the Francoise-Green Piano Duo, winners of The Concours Nicati International Contemporary Music Prize and written in response to the global protest movement, Occupy. Pre-concert interview with the composer and performers chaired by renowned conductor, Graziella Contratto.


August 2012 //

Matrix12 on Tour with Experimentalstudio de SWR

Conservatorium van Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ruaidhri is selected for Experimentalstudio de SWR's Matrix 12 on Tour at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Lessons and masterclasses were delivered by a fabulous range of composers and conductors including Detlef Heusinger (composer, conductor and artistic director of Experimentalstudio de SWR), Fabio Nieder and Daniel Péter Biro.

July 14 / 2012 //

'No trouble in South Kensington' at Thornham Summer Festival

St Mary Magdalene Thornham Magna - Suffolk, England

Corentin Chassard performs Ruaidhri's work for solo cello, written in response to the London Riots on Summer 2011. Also featuring Pierre Boulez' s Anthemes for solo violin, Frank Schubert's String Quintet in C Major, D. 956. With wine and canapes during the interval. Pre-concert drinks available from 6pm when the exhibition of prints is open.

Aisha Orazbayeva and Hun-Ouk Park, violins; Mariam Ruetschi, viola; Corentin Chassard and Colin Alexander, cellos.

April 19 to 24 / 2012 //

'New Music Incubator' Artistic Residency

Studio Acusticum - Lulea and Pitea, Sweden

Residency at Acusticum, Sweden. Ruaidhri is selected for the PRS for Music Foundation's international creative exchange programme, 'New Music Incubator'. The chosen artists will collaborate with 10 Swedish Artists for two creative residencies in the UK and Sweden. The first will be hosted this September in Brunel University before travelling to scenic Northern Sweden in April 2012 for the final residency.

March 26 / 2012 //

Premiere of 'Pearly' for Piano and Electronics

St James Picadilly - London

Performed by RCM award winning pianist, Joseph Houston. Concert begins at 1.10pm as part of the lunchtime concert series.

January 19 / 2012 //

Premiere of 'Howl, Sough, Moan, Sigh'

National Concert Hall  Dublin, Ireland

Premiere of new work for viola and soprano at the National Concert Hall, Dublin; premiered by Sue Rynhart and Abigail Smith and presented by the Irish Composers Collective. Dedicated to the memory of the late Christopher Hitchens.

November 29 / 2011 //

Premiere of 'No trouble in South Kensington at 'Music and Transcendence' Conference

Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge, England

Premiere of new work for cellist, Corentin Chassard. 'No trouble in South Kensington' was written in response to the London Riots of the summer in 2011. Performed at the 'Music and Transcendence' conference at the Cambridge Union Society.

October 22 / 2011 //

Premiere of 'The Interspersed Vacancies' at Midnight Matinees

Tristan Bates Theatre - Covent Garden, London

Installation created in response to 'Frost at Midnight' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge at Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden, London as part of the Midnight Matinees series. Doors open at midnight.


September 15 / 2011 //

Fundraising Gala for Carla Rees

St Marylebone Parish Church - London

A fundraising gala organised by the New Music community in support of Carla Rees (Rarescale) who lost her home during the London riots of August 2011. Please come and support; details are on the poster below and please click the image below for a link to the Facebook event. Tara Clifford will perform my piano work 'Concealing Isis'.

September 6 to 12 / 2012 //

'New Music Incubator' Artistic Residency

Brunel University - London

Ruaidhri is selected for the PRS for Music Foundation's international creative exchange programme, 'New Music Incubator'. Selected UK-based artists will collaborate with 10 Swedish Artists for two creative residencies in the UK and Sweden. The first will be hosted this September in Brunel University before travelling to scenic Northern Sweden in April 2012 for the final residency.

April 9 / 2011 //

Partial Gathering perform at the Sonorities Festival

Sonic Arts Research Centre - Belfast, Ireland

'Picture Something (insert description)' is selected for performance at the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music.



March 29 / 2011 //

Partial Gathering perform at 'Classical Playground'

The Good Ship - Kilburn, London

Partial Gathering perform with the sensational Hang player, Manu Delago at this one night only show. "We've scrapped the traditional, stuffy concert hall, to bring you an unconventional night of classical music that will play with your preconceptions. Grab a drink, loosen your collar and experience a totally different night out, which you won't find anywhere else."

March 10 / 2011 //

Partial Gathering perform at 'Candied Nonsense'

The Blag Club - Notting Hill, London

December 13 / 2010 //

Partial Gathering perform at 'Blank Canvas'

King's Place, London

More performances from John Matthias, Adrian Corker, Andrew Prior and London Sinfonietta as part of the Out Hear series.

November 28 / 2010 //

Partial Gathering perform at 'Naughty Phillip!'

The Old Queen's Head - Islington, London

Partial Gathering perform with Look! Stranger! in this sequel to August's hugely successful NAUGHTY PHILLIP Sunday all-day multi-arts event.

November 26 / 2010 //

Partial Gathering perform at 'From the Soundhouse'

Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall - Royal College of Music, London

Programme also includes Music With Changing Parts by Philip Glass.

November 24 / 2010 //

Partial Gathering session and interview

Rockfort on Resonance FM

Partial Gathering perform on Rockfort/Resonance FM and chat with hosts Ludovic Merle and David McKenna.

November 3 / 2010 //

Premiere of 'What will we do' and improvised performances with the Mercury Quartet and Ruaidhri Mannion | Mercury Quartet Album Launch at NONCLASSICAL club night

Hoxton Bar and Kitchen - Hoxton, London

Premiere of  new concert work written for Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello and Voice performed by renowned mezzo soprano, Linda Hirst and the Mercury Quartet. DJ sets featuring Ruaidhri's remix 'Mosaic Manifesto' for this exciting Nonclassical/Naxos release. For more info on Nonclassical please click here.

September 18 / 2010 //

Partial Gathering perform at Alpha-Ville Festival

Whitechapel Gallery, London

Groundbreaking digital arts festival, Alpha-ville features Partial Gathering live performance and installations. Special performances by renowned artists Scanner and Bola.

September 8 / 2010 //

Laptop Performance at NONCLASSICAL Aftershow Party for BBC Proms: Tansy Davies 'Wildcard' premiere

Hoop and Toy - South Kensington, London

Royal College of Music clarinettist, Harry-Cameron Penny, performs the cadenza from Ruaidhri's work for Clarinet and Mixed Ensemble He broke from them, and then he broke from himself, followed by a special laptop performance of 'Jigsaws and Jitters: A Deconstruction' by the composer.

August 6 and 8 / 2010 //

Partial Gathering perform at _Drift Urban Sound Series

Old Vic Tunnels - London

Partial Gathering perform over 2 nights at the Old Vic Tunnels with Johnny Parry on the _Drift Urban Sound Series.

July 1 / 2010 //

Partial Gathering perform at Nonclassical Club Night

The Horse and Groom - Shoreditch, London

Partial Gathering perform with guitarist, James Moore of Alarm Will Sound and pianist, Will Dutta of Chimera Productions at the popular NONCLASSICAL club night.

June 18 / 2010 //

Premiere of Broken Flames and Little Wind

St Luke's - Brighton, England

Premiere of new work written for the Mercury Quartet to celebrating the beginning of his position as the ensemble's Composer in Residence.

June 14 / 2010 //

Premiere of Jigsaw and Jitters at Royal College of Music Rising Stars Series

Cadogan Hall - Sloane Square, London

Premiere of new work for Cor Anglais, Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Electric Guitar and Live Electronics as Ruaidhri is selected as an RCM Rising Star 2010.

March 5 / 2010 //

Premiere of Concealing Isis at 'Pianos and Plugs'

Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music - London

New work for piano, Concealing Isis is performed by pianist, Tara Clifford, as part of the Piano Fever! festival.

February 24 / 2010 //

Partial Gathering perform at Music Orbit

The Forge - Camden, London

January 28 / 2010 //

Partial Gathering perform at 'Strung Out'

The Vibe Bar - Brick Lane, London

The newly formed duo are selected by renowned cellist, Gabriella Swallow, to perform at 'Strung Out', a showcase of cutting-edge new music for strings. In association with Music Orbit.

January 23 / 2010 //

Premiere of 'When I had Bernard's watch' for Piano and Electronics

Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall - Royal College of Music, London

Written for budding young pianist of the RCM Junior department, Sasha Valeri Millwood.

December 18 / 2009 //

Partial Gathering performance with The Oubliette Art-Collective

Former Reader's Digest HQ - Mayfair, London

Newly formed cello and electronics duo, Partial Gathering, perform for the first time under their new guise at 'Home is where your art is' in association with the infamous squatting art-collective, The Oubliette.

November 18 / 2009 //

Premiere of 'He broke from them, and then he broke from himself at 'New Perspectives'

Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall - Royal College of Music, London

American clarinettist, Molly Walker, performs Ruaidhri's work for Clarinet and mixed ensemble which recently won the RCM concerto competition. Programme also features works by Colin Matthews, Michael Zev Gordon and Harrison Birtwistle.

November 4 / 2009 //

Premiere of Un/Able to Negate Reason for Cello and Electronics at Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

The National Portrait Gallery - London

Un/Able to Negate Reason was inspired by 'To Love' by photographer Meta Scheltes, a finalist portrait in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2009. Performed by cellist, Corentin Chassard and the composer on electronics.